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  • Julianna Sweeney

Day 01 | NJ to Charleston, WV

Today we left home base in New Jersey for West Virginia: Wild, Wonderful.

Neither of us had ever been before so it was definitely an adventurous day 1. We took 78 west to 81 and traveled through Pennsylvania and Maryland. Today was our longest traveling day at about 7.5 hours total. Overall, it was a great day. The views were beautiful and we could not have lucked out more with the weather.



  • Total Duration: 7 h 45 mins

  • Miles Traveled: 471

  • States Traveled Through: New Jersey (NJ), Pennsylvania (PA), Maryland (MD), West Virginia (WV)

  • Our Favorite Part Of The Day: Driving through the hills of West Virginia

  • Our Least Favorite Part Of The Day: The construction in Pennsylvania

  • Music:

    • The first 3 Beatles Albums​

    • "Queen of California" John Mayer

    • "Take Me Home Country Roads" John Denver

  • Podcast:

  • Highlights Of The Day:

    • We drove by the Sam Adam 's Factory​

    • We drove through Gettysburg

    • We Crossed the Mason Dixon Line

    • We passed a lighthouse on a hill in the middle of nowhere in MD (no water to be found anywhere AND it was snowing)

    • Speed limits over 65 mph (70 and up)

    • The GPS saying there was traffic in the hills when there were only 3-4 cars on the road

    • We were able to get 28/50 states in the license plate game

    • I beat Tyler 4-2 in the Punch Buggy Game

  • Cost To Charge The Tesla:

    • $49.24(3 stops)

  • Where We Stayed:

    • Charleston, WV - We DO NOT recommend staying at the Courtyard Marriott. The city itself though, was beautiful.

      • It was not very clean

      • It was wayyyy over priced for what you got

      • The building was being worked on at night, making it hard to sleep


Thanks for your continued support and prayers.

Tyler and I are so pumped to be on this journey and more than excited for you to come along with us!

Next stop... Nashville, TN!

Sending love always,


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