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  • Julianna Sweeney

We're Driving Across The Country!


We've been keeping this news on the DL for a while and now it's actually happening - CRAZY!

So here's the dealio... Tyler got a work experience with Apple out in Cali and I'm helping him move out there. Instead of doing the "smart" and "normal" thing by flying, we decided to do the insane thing and drive. It's gonna take us just about 10 days (give or take) and I'm gonna be updating you each and every step of the way so that you know what to do (and what not to do) when you take your own trip ;)

We're taking the south route and we'll be doing live updates, hosting polls and asking questions on Instagram stories along the way (Join in on the fun here: INSTAGRAM). I'll also be making a new post every night or so with updates, pictures/videos and more from the day before (for privacy and safety reasons).

Both of us have always dreamed of having the opportunity to road trip it across the country and being able to do it so young is an absolute blessing. There are no words to express the gratitude that we have for the support or our friends and family and ultimately this gift from God.

We all follow at least one person on social media - whether it be an influencer, celebrity, or even friends or a family member - that does something inspiring that we aspire to do ourselves one day. Personally, one of my biggest struggles was pulling myself away from scrolling and actually getting out there to do the thing (and let me tell you, the view out here is WAYYY better in person than a tiny little square on your phone).

My goal on this trip is to answer as many questions as I can, live the trial and errors and ultimately have a guide for anyone to do the dame thing with as little hassle as possible. Life is short and there's just so much world to see.

This is just the beginning and we cannot wait to share it with you. Here's to taking risks and having faith!

Sending love always... see you tomorrow!

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