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Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs. I'm so excited you're here and hope you'll stick around for a while!

As you may have already noticed, you'll find a little bit of everything 'round here. The Garner, Grow & Give brand is all about learning from and with one another, growing into who we are capable of becoming, and giving back along the way. As we journey into this next season of life together, I'll share bits and pieces of my experiences that I hope will inspire you to live every day to the fullest, and make you smile!


Let's be real for a minute - None of us has it all figured out. We are constantly changing and even though that is a powerful thing, it can be kinda scary. I am a true believer that there's a creative spark in all of us. Life is a beautiful adventure and we are capable of making a bigger impact than we can even imagine - especially when we do it together

I was born and raised in a small town in New Jersey. I moved to Upstate New York for college before moving back home to save up some dough. I recently relocated across the country to San Diego with my fiancé. I'm currently in the middle of planning our wedding, making music and taking in all of the ups and downs that come with major life transitions. Never would I ever imagine I'd end up here - You really never know where life is gonna take you! 


I'm a creative at heart. I've been writing music since I was about 9 years old and recently released my debut album, Exit Fo[u]r. It was released on my mama's birthday in her memory and all proceeds from the first week of streams and merch sales were donated to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Cancer Research Program - a cause that was close to her heart. 


I lost my mama to metastatic breast cancer my senior year of high school. She fought the good fight and never once lost sight of the beauty of every single moment in this life. She dedicated herself to helping others and I have made it my mission to do the same.

I'm a second generation American on my mom's side and third on my dad's. Both sides grew up poor and worked hard to make a better life for their families here in America.  My family celebrates everything - and that’s exactly what we're gonna do here!

Here's a snapshot of some of my all-time favorite things: my family and friends, music, cooking for people I love, a good cappuccino, home work outs, mugs, avocados, a long walk or hike, Portuguese food, a good question, reading, dogs, the punch buggy game, natural products, a good sale, stretching, The Office, Upstate in the fall, country road sunsets in the summer, learning about different cultures, bonfires and making people smile.

I bet we have more in common than you thought! And I hope this becomes a place for you to get inspired, grow, laugh and make a friend.


I’m so happy you're here!


To connect with Julianna, please email:

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