Julianna Sweeney

"In order to change your life, your faith in miracles, and yourself, must be greater than your fears."
                                                                 JEN SINCERO

Julianna Sweeney is a 21 year old singer/songwriter. She is a Portuguese, Irish, and Italian-American. Julianna loves cooking new recipes, taking spontaneous trips to explore nature and different cultures, and she is on a constant search for the world’s best cappuccino. Her style has been noted to sound like Joni Mitchell, Carole King, and Norah Jones and her music can be found on all major music platforms!


Sweeney wrote her very first song back in the summer before her sixth grade year. It wasn’t much, probably exactly what you would have expected from an 11 year old. That one song turned out to be much more though - a defining moment in her life. It was the moment she realized her passion for music could be proactive, and this has been her mission ever since.


She grew up in Stewartsville, NJ - small town USA. It didn’t take long for her dreams to outgrow those county lines. She worked hard in school, focused on her writing, and was constantly scheming of ways to use her music to foster a sense of community. Her senior year of high school, she finally found a way: “The One Stop Tour.” It was a completely student-run concert that gave her classmates real-life industry experience. All of the proceeds from the event went to someone in need. The event was open to the public and brought the community together. In its debut year, the concert raised over $500 for a family in her community whose young son was battling brain cancer. Since then, it has become an annual event (with the exception of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic).


Though she considers herself incredibly grateful for her simple upbringing, Julianna is no stranger to hardship. Her mom, Mindy, passed away not long after her 18th birthday leaving behind herself, her younger brother and sister, and her father. Her mom’s original diagnosis with breast cancer was six years prior and the battle had been anything but easy. In the beginning of her senior year, Julianna and her family learned that her mom’s cancer had metastasized after a period of what was previously understood to be remission. She wholly attributes her family’s perseverance and resilience through this adversity to their faith. 


Her mom had taken over the Youth Group at their church and lead with distinction. She always put her kids (family and youth group) before herself. Everything she did, in her personal and professional life, she gave every last bit of herself. She inspired every single person she came in contact with. She was a mom, a mentor, a leader, a friend, and a fighter to the end. And if these words are not a testament to the beauty she manifested in her life, over 1,000 people - of all ages, backgrounds, distinctions, etc - were present to pay respects to her at her wake. This is what continues to inspire Julianna to use her music to help those around her. 


Julianna recently completed her college career early. She just released her debut album, “Exit Fo[u]r,” on her mom’s birthday, 1.27.2021. In keeping with her mission, proceeds from album and merch sales, as well as all royalties from the first week of streams are being donated directly toward childhood cancer research - a cause that was close to her mom's heart

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