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Julianna Sweeney is an artist and songwriter known for her "reflective, signature sound that takes influence from the likes of Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Norah Jones" (WWAM). As a vocalist, Sweeney puts a lot of emphasis on the lyrics and harmonies within her songs to achieve a sound that transports the listener to another place. "Her wide-ranging voice, reminiscent of Florence + The Machine... along with her dynamic range and tone with accompanying harmonies truly brings out the nuances of her voice" (The Nuance Magazine). Sweeney first started writing music at age 11. She's always had a passion for giving back through her work and "is continually scheming ways to use her music to foster a sense of community" (Buzz Music).

Her debut album, "Exit Fo[u]r," found her working alongside her husband, Tyler Schmidt, as well as a handful of immensely talented colleagues. Recorded over the course of the pandemic in her college apartment and released on her mom's birthday, this coming-of-age concept album is an ode to her mom who passed away of metastatic breast cancer when Sweeney was only 18. All royalties, as well as proceeds from CD and merch sales were donated to childhood cancer research - a cause close to her mom's heart.

Julianna is currently based out of San Diego, CA (though, originally from New Jersey) and is in the process of recording her next project.

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