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INDIE MUSIC SPIN, Reviews | 04/21/21

"Julianna Sweeney’s New Single ‘ready’ Speaks So Many Truths"

AVA Live Radio, Curator Picks | 04/19/21
A&R FACTORY, Reviews | 03/04/21

"Julianna Sweeney Tells Us Like It Is With Her Jazzy Soul-Pop Single, 'all talk'"

The Nuance Magazine, Reviews | 03/01/21

"Julianna Sweeney Breaks Onto Indie Folk Scene With Debut Album Exit Fo[u]r"

The Sounds Won't Stop, Reviews | 02/28/21

"The Fantastic Allure of Julianna Sweeney"

WE WRITE ABOUT MUSIC, Reviews | 02/21/21

"Julianna Sweeney Bares It All On Record, Exit Fo[u]r"

Edgar Allan Poets, Bands We Like | 02/15/21

"Julianna Sweeney's Voice Is Incredible, Voices Of This Type Are Not Easy To Find"

NYOTA Magazine, Discovering Emerging Stars | 02/11/21

"Discovering Emerging Stars: Julianna Sweeney"

AMNPLIFY, Interviews | 02/06/21

"Interview with Julianna Sweeney"

BUZZMUSIC, Latest Releases | 02/05/21

"Julianna Sweeney Releases A Tender Debut Album Entitled Exit Fo[u]r"

Positive Publicity, FemFocused | 01/26/21

"FemFocused: An Interview With Singer Julianna Sweeney"

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