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  • Julianna Sweeney

Road Trip Travel Guides

The long awaited and highly requested Road Trip Travel Guides are here!

I took a lot of time updating and really building these out to give you the best possible experience when planning your very own roadtrip.

I am a bit of an organizational freak so when I found out we were actually gonna do this trip, you already know I had to make a binder.

Below, I've included everything that we used on our trip PLUS some additional materials that we wished we had when planning.

Road Trip Travel Guide | Table of Contents:

  1. Cover Page - I used one of these to separate each day of the trip

  2. Pre-Trip Checklist - our comprehensive list plus some additional points that might help

  3. To-Do List - just an additional sheet to jot down anything else you might need to do to prepare

  4. Bucket List - to organize where you want to stop/eat, and what you want to do/see

  5. Budget & Totals Sheet - no trip is complete without a budget vs. totals roundup

  6. Packing List - a place where you can jot down everything you need to pack ahead of time and keep track along the journey

  7. Podcast and Games List - you're definitely going to want to set a list of podcasts and games to play before your trip. This way, you've got a quick, hard copy reference sheet and don't have to waste time and data (when you have service) looking things up. Playlists are easier just to make on your phone, hence why a playlist sheet is not included. **Make sure to download your playlists and podcasts ahead of time**

  8. Daily "Journal" - call it what you want, but this is what I put together to keep track of everything throughout our trip. I left some of the spaces blank so that you can personalize it to your needs. It was a such a cool thing to be able to keep track of the trip for our family, friends and future generations, but also to be able to see what we learned, how we grew and be able to help you plan your own trip!

  9. License Plate Game Comprehensive Sheet - this way, if you decide to play the game, you can easily keep track without having to write all the states down yourself

  10. Our Packing List - this way you have something to start with. It's also helpful to know that you really don't need a lot to do a trip like this but you can still be comfortable along the way!

  11. Our Daily Journal Outline - I left spots blank for you to personalize how you want but I also included an example of how we used every space available!

I hope these guides help you and your friends/family plan your very own trips. I know it's not something that everyone is afforded the opportunity or the means to do. If you have been thinking about it though, I cannot express how much of an impact it will have on your life in the most positive way possible. I hope that these guides help to minimize the friction and frustrations of planning your trip and help you to really live in the moment and take advantage of the big, beautiful world around you. You got this!

Let me know what you think!

Sending love always,


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