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Day 12 | Rocklin, CA to Santa Clara, CA

12 days later and we finally made it!

After only a very short two and a half hours on the road from Rocklin, and we made it to our final destination. I think it's safe to say that Tyler and I are officially certified #roadwarriors. I am so proud of this dude. He's been working incredibly hard and is living proof that it pays off. The next few months are not going to be easy, but they are going to be a wild, learning experience.

Here's to taking full advantage of each and every day. Here's to living life "One Day At A Time"...



  • Total Duration: 2 h 30 mins

  • Miles Traveled: 139

  • States Traveled Through: California (CA)

  • Our Favorite Part: Getting to walk around the outside of the Apple campus on a sunny afternoon

  • Our Least Favorite Part: Seeing such a big homeless population

  • Highlights/Observations Of The Day:

    • We drove through even more Lucious green hills

    • We passed the exit for Napa Valley (you already KNOW we'll be going back soon)

    • We witnessed a LARGE population of homeless on the sides of the highways. So sad, please pray for them.

    • We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge... which was $25 btw (and I didn't get a video even though I thought I was recording the whole time LOL)

    • We could see Alcatraz in the bay

    • We drove through San Francisco and I was absolutely mind blown - how on Earth did they build that city on those hills?!?!

    • We got to see Infinite Loop and the Spaceship (Apple Park)

    • We went grocery shopping

    • We got Tyler all moved in and ready

    • We celebrated with a bottle of California wine

    • We watched the sunset over the mountains

  • Total Cost To Charge The Tesla:

    • $19.35 (2 stops)


As one chapter closes and another opens, we are in a complete state of gratitude for this trip. We've learned so much, grown into better partners for each other, as well as better people in general, we've gained an immense sense of appreciation for life and are so excited to carry this piece of us along into this next season of life.

BUT WAIT, This is not the end of the trip content...

As promised, over the next few weeks, I will be putting together some guides and FAQs for you to make planning your very own trip as easy as humanly possible. Why try something from scratch when we've already been there and made the mistake for you! Keep an eye out for some fun stuff coming your way soon, and feel free to reach out and tell me some of the things you want to know. I'm here for you! Please keep us in your prayers and know that we will keep you in ours. Signing off... for now...

Sending love always,


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