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  • Julianna Sweeney

Day 02 | Charleston, WV to Nashville, TN

This morning we got up before the sun rose and got moving on the road to Nashville.

Besides the traffic on the border of Kentucky and Tennessee, the drive was smooth as can be. We learned a lot about bourbon, drove past some pretty amazing sights, and topped it off with some great company. It was so nice to be away from home and see some familiar faces! Not only did we have the honor of meeting up with some pals from college, we had the opportunity to jam and record a song - when in Nashville amiright?

Along with our stats and highlights, I included links and recommendations below. We loved the hotel we stayed at. We also had some awesome food, shared some big laughs and made a lot of memories. Looking forward to visiting again in the future!



  • Total Duration: 6 h 20 mins

  • Miles Traveled: 469

  • States Traveled Through: West Virginia (WV), Kentucky (KY), Tennessee (TN)

  • Our Favorite Part Of The Day: Carter Vintage Guitars in Nashville

  • Our Least Favorite Part Of The Day: The traffic on the border of KY and TN

  • Music:

    • "Exit Fo[u]r" - It was the 1 year anniversary

  • Podcast:

  • Highlights Of The Day:

  • Total Cost To Charge The Tesla:

    • $53.64 (4 stops)

  • Where We Stayed:

    • Nashville, TN- Holiday Inn Express - Antioch. We definitely recommend.

      • Management was incredibly kind and accommodating​

      • The location was great - outside of the city in what seemed like a good area (we felt safe)

      • Everything was clean and the room was really nice


  • Places To Eat:

    • Get some hot Chicken in Nashville! We ate at Prince's and it was delicious, another popular joint is Hattie B's. ​

    • If you're looking for a great bar & restaurant, The Village Pub & Beer Garden was delicious - not to mention their mules were served in chilled mugs


We didn't get to spend too much time in Nashville, but the time we did have was lovely. So grateful for good company, good food, and music! Tomorrow we're off to Little Rock, AR. See ya then!

Sending love always,


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