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  • Julianna Sweeney

The Wedding Edit: Ceremony

The most important detail of the planning process for us was that we wanted to get married in church. We are bound by the love we share with one another through our faith and that’s paramount.

There were a few things that made this specific church extra special though…


  • church - St Cecilia's where my parent's were married and where my siblings and I were baptized (she's also the patron saint of music which is special for Tyler and I)

  • presider - my uncle David who is my mom's brother as well as my Godfather

  • my avó walked down the isle for my mom

  • we included my avó and Tyler's mom by having them each carry a single rose down the isle

  • lectors - Tyler's mom, my uncle Brian (David's twin) and my aunt Tara (my dad's sister and my Godmother)

  • altar server - my little cousin Max

  • ring bearer - my little cousin Jake

  • flower girl - my little cousin, and God daughter, Lana

  • music - we had a professional organist (as the church is equipped with an organ) and cantor and then had my lovely friend and bridesmaid, Jackie Minton, sing her original song "Earnest Voice" during the presentation of the gifts for mass

  • gift bearers - my brother and sister brought the gifts down the isle for mass

  • mass - we opted for a proper mass for our wedding as opposed to just the marriage ceremony as we wanted to incorporate the fullness of Christ in our celebration and unity

  • programs - I designed them and my uncle helped print and assemble them

  • wedding party - we had our wedding party join in the procession in and out of the church and take the lead in sitting in the first pews

  • misc. - we were able to stay in the church, just the two of us with the photographer, after the mass for a few minutes to take portraits. We even got the chance to recreate a few of the photos my parents took for their wedding. It was one of the most special moments of the day.

Photography Credit to the incredibly talented Elena Vels

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