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The Wedding Edit: Wedding Weekend B-roll

Our photographer was incredible and if you're in the NJ/NY area, I could not recommend Elena Vels Photography more!

There's something quite special about seeing memories through the eyes of those creating them though, and so I present to you our wedding weekend B-roll. A collection of photos taken from all different perspectives, by all different people and showcasing all different things that they deemed important enough to capture on film. Enjoy!


  • Because a lot of our friends and family (and ourselves) had to travel home for the wedding, we decided to make an entire weekend event. It was the perfect way to ensure that we got to spend quality time with every person involved.

  • My girls surprised me for our rehearsal with a bouquet to practice walking down the isle with - it was made from wrapping and tissue paper from my bridal shower!

  • Rehearsal Dinner was held at the Spanish Tavern in Mountainside, NJ (10/10 food and service)

  • We did a fun little game with our wedding party and significant others where we handed out little Drinking Buddies at the rehearsal dinner and everyone had to hang on to them all the way until the end of the reception the next day or else they had to sing karaoke in front of everyone. It was hilarious!

  • We gave everyone in our wedding party tasks for the weekend which kept everyone involved and we could not be more thankful to everyone for their help - we could not have done everything without them (shoutout to Michelle, pictured below, for always making sure we were drinking enough water!)

  • We setup an app called POV camera where guests could take photos with our "digital disposable camera." We had little QR codes setup around the venue for people to scan for access to the camera. Access only lasted for the duration of the event and guests couldn't see the photos until they "developed" the next morning into an album that everyone had access to. It was a great way to have people stay in the moment and be able to retrospectively see the day through their eyes!

  • We also had my brother's girlfriend go around and take photos with my mom's camera which was super special - they came out great.

Years from now you're not going to remember the plates you picked or how stressful it was to decide on a color scheme or that your dress wasn't perfectly staged for the photos. You're going to remember the memories you made with the people you love.

That's what's most important.

Photography Credit to all of our lovely guests...

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