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Recording Retreat Recap

This latest adventure is brought to you from the great state of Texas!

This past week I had the opportunity to fly out to DFW to meet up with my good friend Jackie Minton. Aside from being one of the kindest and most creative souls I know, she is also an insanely skilled singer songwriter. (Check out Jackie's music HERE). She's currently working on a new project that will consist of multiple EPs. We roadtripped it down to South Texas with the wonderful and talented Nick Sungenis to record the first EP this week!

We listened to tons of music on the way there and back which made for a pretty easygoing drive. Some of the artists we checked out were Rivers and Robots, John Mark Pantana, Bruno Major, Yebba, Madison Cunningham, Ray LaMontagne, Amber Run. Gregory Alan Isakov - just to name a few... We also played the question game, and drank LOTS of water. It was HOT down there (crazy to think it's only spring haha!)

We recorded and stayed down at Sound Machine Studio in Skidmore, TX. It was the perfect place to get away from everything, unplug and focus on the creative process. The Owner and head engineer/producer, Mason, was an absolute pleasure to work with. We got so much done, were challenged, grew a ton and ultimately, I think, came up with a really powerful EP. I'm so blessed to have had the opportunity and experience to work on Jackie's project and cannot wait for y'all to hear it!

Jackie had planned on having a photographer capture some moments from our time in the studio but they ended up getting COVID right before the trip. I ended up stepping in as designated camera-man and it was a ton of fun. I even think we got a few decent shots! #shotoniphone

All in all, even though I (still) didn't seen an armadillo, dead or alive, I'd still rate this adventure a 10/10.

Jackie and I had one free day before I had to head back to Jersey so she took me to Fort Worth and we had a girls day!

Here's a list of must-do's to keep in mind if you're ever in the Fort Worth area:

  • Leaves Tea & Book Shop | It was such a cute little spot. We both got sparkling tea on tap and it was some of the most refreshing and delicious tea we'd both had (who would've thought right?!)

  • Record Town | Such a cool little record shop and the guy there has worked there for a long time. He told us about how Leon Bridges would come in when he was young and play guitar in the back at their original location!

  • Thompson's Bookstore | They have a dress code, and a speakeasy and the best darn tootin' Old Fashioned that I'd ever had. Such a hip vibe and if your bar tender is Cody, you're in for a good time

  • Fort Worth Water Gardens | It's a really cool concept and a nice place to take a breather and listen to the water

  • Spice Thai | Cute little Thai place with quick service and yummy food... Jackie is still thinking about her curry salmon

We topped it all off with homemade edible cookie dough, vanilla ice cream and the movie "About Time," (HIGHLY recommend if you haven't seen it yet).

I hope you had an absolutely lovely week and wish nothing less for the week ahead! Here's to creating, adventuring and living every day to the fullest.

Sending love always,


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