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  • Julianna Sweeney

Day 06 | Arlington, TX to Amarillo, TX

Today we left Texas... for more Texas!

Though it was sad to say goodbye to friends in Arlington, it is joyful to know that it's only "goodbye for now."

The drive to Amarillo was smooth sailing. We passed through some cool, old towns, saw oil rigs and wind farms and actual farms (lol), got lost and ate some amazing food. We also spotted BertKreischer's tour bus!

I linked some cool stuff below in our stats and highlights.



  • Total Duration: 6 h 5 mins

  • Miles Traveled: 469

  • States Traveled Through: Texas (TX)

  • Our Favorite Part Of The Day: Eating ribs at The Big Texan

  • Our Least Favorite Part Of The Day: Getting lost in Amarillo

  • Music:

    • The White Album

  • Highlights/Observations Of The Day:

    • We saw an amazing sunrise over Fort Worth

    • We saw dinosaurs in Henrietta, TX

    • We passed a few patches of oil rigs (so many)

    • We passed 2 MAJOR wind farms (SO MANY!!)

    • We drove through a town with pick up trucks for mail trucks

    • We saw literal crop circles on the map, like, everywhere

    • Almost all of the rest areas we passed by had tornado shelters

    • We noticed there were a lot of "picnic areas" - no bathrooms, no facilities, just covered picnic tables (kinda cute... when you don't need to pee)

    • There was a point where you could really start to feel the altitude change - it was oh so slight, but noticeable

    • We passed through Wichita Falls

    • We got lost in Amarillo when we first got there because the directions for the hotel took us to an empty plot of land... on the other side of town

    • We got dinner at The Big Texan Steak Ranch (I kid you not, best ribs either of us have ever had in our entire lives)

    • After dinner, we went to charge up the car before bed and we found Bert Kreischer's tour bus

  • Total Cost To Charge The Tesla:

    • $19.49 (3 stops)

  • Where We Stayed:

    • Amarillo, TX - La Quinta Inn & Suites - Amarillo Airport. We would recommend this hotel, UNLESS you are looking for a place with walkability - this one is right on the highway and you need to drive to wherever you're going, even though it's close.

      • The location was good - it was right along the highway so we just got up in the morning and went on our way

      • Everything was clean and the room was nice

      • The management was really nice and it wasn't super duper busy at the time we went so it was quiet

      • Great view of the sunset from our room (front of the hotel)


  • Places To Eat:

    • You can't go to Amarillo without stopping at The Big Texan Steak Ranch! Unfortunately, no one was doing the steak challenge while we were there (check out their website to see what it's all about) but we had a blast. It's such a quirky, fun place to be, the service was great (we went a little bit on the earlier side, around 4:30pm, so there weren't too many people until we were getting ready to leave), the food was AMAZING and overall we had a blast.

      • WHATEVER YOU DO, make sure that someone in your party gets the ribs. Tyler and I have both had our fair share of ribs in our life and we both agreed, almost instantly, that they were hands down the best we've ever had.


We can already tell it's gonna be hard to leave you, Texas, but we will be back! Next stop... Santa Fe, NM!!

See you there!

Sending love always,


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