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  • Julianna Sweeney

Days 04 & 05 | Little Rock, AR to Arlington, TX

Let me just say... we LOVE Texas!

I've always longed to visit but it definitely blew my expectations for a whole multitude of reasons: the landscape is so open and beautiful, there's an immense sense of focus and freedom, prices are so cheap for the quality, everyone we met was so kind and helpful, and you can't beat 70 degrees and blue skies in January (I'm interested to see how my opinion of the weather will change in the heat of the summer... only one way to find out!)

The biggest blessing of the trip so far though, was being able to spend quality time with beautiful people. I met Jackie a few years back when she was visiting Saint Rose. She was transferring schools and potential options included Saint Rose and Belmont. (Years later, I come to find that she had already made her decision to go to Belmont and almost didn't even come to Saint Rose (crazy).

Her and her family (and Nick!) were so kind and hospitable. We had the most relaxing and fulfilling time while we were there. We were also able to jam on each other's songs, cover a few songs, and even record a brand new one (stay tuned...)

God works in the most mysterious, beautiful ways. We couldn't be more grateful for our time in Texas and are already counting down the days until we can visit again - Our advice? Get yourself to Texas!



  • Total Duration: 5 h 59 mins

  • Miles Traveled: 384

  • States Traveled Through: Arkansas (AR), Texas (TX)

  • Our Favorite Part: The opportunity to spend quality time with Jackie and her family

  • Our Least Favorite Part: The drive through Arkansas

  • Music:

    • The next 3 albums in the Beatles discography

    • "Earnest Voice" by Jackie Minton

  • Highlights/Observations:

    • We passed a town called "Friendship"

    • We passed Hot Springs National Park

    • We witnessed a fatal crash on the drive through Arkansas (prayers for her and her family)

    • We passed a town called "Hope"

    • Everything is bigger and "free-er" in Texas

    • It reached the 70's in Texas (the whole trip before then had been between about 15-36 degrees)

    • We stopped to charge in this incredibly cute little town called Sulfur Springs

    • We witnessed inconceivably cheap prices for quality food (I included a picture of a little chalk sign in the video - pause it and read to see what I mean)

    • We passed Ripley's Believe It or Not

    • We saw our first In-N-Out Burger (no, we didn't stop...)

    • We traveled across a cool bridge over Lake Ray Hubbard

    • There are churches and crosses everywhere in Texas

    • Everyone we came in contact with was soft spoken and so kind

    • There's an immense sense of focus

    • We got to jam and record with the lovely Jackie Minton and Nick Sungenis

  • Total Cost To Charge The Tesla:

    • $46.68 (3 stops)

  • Where We Stayed:

    • We were blessed to be able to stay with Jackie for 2 nights so we did not book any hotels for our visit to Arlington. It is a nice area though so I'm sure you'd be able to find a great place. It's also a central location for both Dallas and Fort Worth so there's much to do!


  • Coffee:

    • Speakeasy Cafe - The coffee was yummy and the signs in the bathroom were HILARIOUS

  • Food

    • Eat a home cooked meal - after being on the road for almost a week and constantly eating out, you'll be surprised at what a home cooked meal can do for your soul


We were going to stop in Albuquerque, but God had other plans... thanks to a recommendation from Jackie and her family, we are off to Santa Fe! (AFTER Amarillo, TX... funny how he works)​ See you there!

Sending love always,


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