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  • Julianna Sweeney

Behind The Song | "georgia peaches"

"Exit Fo[u]r" Track No. 7

You can’t force two puzzles pieces together,

Just like you can’t force two people to be friends.

It won’t last.

On the contrary, friendship in any true form has its ups and downs, tiffs and tats, and yet we still maintain a desire to forge them throughout our journey.

We can only get so far on our own without the intervention and support of those friends we choose to accompany us in this life - no matter how independent we may claim to be...

Friendship in its truest form requires work.

Two individuals with different stories, mindsets, aspirations, and perspectives choose to partake in a relationship.

That relationship is meant to bring the other closer to becoming the best version of themselves every single day. The version that God created them to be.

That takes work, and no one gets off easy.

Those are the people who will forever have your back.

The warmer the months, the easier the travel.

Work toward forging bonds that are unshaken in the coldest of seasons.

Those are the ones that will always have your best interest in mind and those are the ones that will last a lifetime.

Friends that are genuine are incredibly hard to come by.

I’m kindly blessed for mine.


Puzzle Pieces never fit together if you force them

Like, Georgia peaches still have pits, you can't avoid the outcome

Yet still I want to take a bite

Bumble bees work in teams, that's how they garner all their honey

And, they say C's get degrees, but you'll give way if you don't study

Not one savant tests out of life

I'd like to see one try try try try

Cronies won't leave you behind

Barefoot feet walk with ease atop the grass, amid the summer

But they soon will need the company of souls to guard them when it's colder

No way to brave the snow alone

Cronies won't leave you behind

And friends that are genuine are hard to come by

That's right

Oh and so I'm kindly blessed for mine

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