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New Music | "The Gentle Old Man"

2022 | New Song No. 1

I’ve challenged myself to write 1 new song every week this year - good or bad, short or long. It’s time to stop playing around and get the juices flowing again… especially if I’m gonna release another album one of these days *wink wink*

Please hold me to it. And if you are up for the challenge, join me!

I wrote this one based on Bob. He’s an Albany local born & raised that I met while working at a cafe in college. Bob truly is the definition of gentle old man. (Iykyk)

Sending love always,



I know the gentle old man

Walks the corner of Ontario & Madison

Head low, bushy eyed and a cane in his hand

Oh I know the gentle old man

He smiles as people pass by

Waves and says, “how do you do?” Most don’t pay him mind

As the legend goes, sold his shoes for a dime

He smiles as the people pass by

And in the rain, you’ll see him walking the beat, so happy to be around one more day

He beat the cancer 3 times

Born & raised upstate on these streets, been here all his life

He’s got 2 grown kids who moved across them state lines

Oh, he beat the cancer 3 times

That little coffee shop he’d frequently go has since closed, he misses it every day

But he knows, through all the ebbs & flows, that one thing stays the same

It’s not about how many people you know

But how big a smile you leave on their face

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