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  • Julianna Sweeney

New Music | "Over My Head"

2022 | New Song No. 2

Last year, I sat down and gave myself 10 minutes to write something (as a challenge). The result was the first part of this song.

Now, it’s officially the second completed new song of the year.

I hope you guys like it!! (Seasonal congestion and all)

Sending love always,



You were over my head

Nothing that I thought I could’ve said

She was with you and I

wasn’t ready to cry just yet

Stayed up late pacing around

Phone in my hand and head down

Sorting through all the wrong words

to get to the right sound

That I’d never find

So I’d go to class every day

and I’d play that game where I pretend that I forgot your name again

Maybe it was a godsend

Maybe a false recollection

Well either way, a clear redirection

But you’re still in my mind

And I’m out of time

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