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  • Julianna Sweeney

San Diego Weekend Trip Recap

This past weekend, Tyler and I took a quick trip down to San Diego!

Even though it was a complete whirlwind with a whopping 9 hour drive each way (and it was cloudy for a good 75% of the time we were there), we had a blast. Everything the people say about San Diego is true - it was gorgeous (even with the clouds)! The food was so fresh and tasty, the people were so nice and all in all, we're already counting down the days until we can get back.

Our San Diego Takeaways

  • Everything is 15-30 minutes away from each other depending on where you are

  • The Mexican food and seafood is so fresh and delicious

  • It was a lot more hilly than we were expecting

  • It's got a lively Portuguese population (pretty cool)

  • There's something for everyone (zoo, bay, beaches, churches, history, artsy scene, music scene, military bases, small town areas, city downtown, and more)

  • The people we came in contact with were so nice and helpful

  • The architecture is beautiful - reminiscent of Mexico as well as European countries like Spain, Portugal and Italy

  • The drive down from northern Cali was beautiful - the landscape is amazing

  • LA traffic SUCKS (lol)

Our San Diego Reviews

  • El Patron Traditional Mexican Grill (Mira Mesa) - This little hole in the wall restaurant was so yummy! We shared 4 different types of street tacos with rice and beans and couldn't stop thinking about them

  • The Pearl Hotel (Rosecrans St., Point Loma) - It was the cutest little hotel you ever did see. They took a 70s motel and transformed it into this little boutique hotel. They thought of everything. The service was great, the room was cozy and the location was perfect.

  • Brigantine Seafood and Oyster Bar (Shelter Island, Point Loma) - Definitely not our favorite seafood restaurant ever but the food really hit the spot. It was popping' (must be a popular spot down there) and it was nice to eat out on the deck and see the jets taking off from the Coronado across the bay.

  • Portside Coffee & Gelato (Shelter Island, Point Loma) - Yummy! We grabbed a little cup of gelato after dinner on our walk back to the hotel. It's a cute, tiny building and although the gelato wasn't quite European standard, it was pretty darn close!

  • Better Buzz Coffee (Rosecrans St., Point Loma) - The perfect buzz for an early morning stroll around the bay. It was only 2 short blocks away from where we stayed. We both got lattes with oatmilk (no flavor) - smooth and creamy!

  • Pizza Port (Solana Beach) - Definitely not New York/New Jersey pizza, but hit the spot for sure. We were also told they make a mean homemade root beer - unfortunately they were out of it when we went so you know we'll be heading back to try it next time!

If you are looking for a place to trip to, I definitely recommend looking into the area. We were definitely wiped from such a quick turn around but all in all, we both agreed it was totally worth it.

Hope this helps inspire you to go on your next adventure. Wishing you a fantastic week ahead!

Sending love always,


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