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New Music | "Reconciliation"

While I was in Cali, I was working on a different song (posted in reels). I thought that when I got home I’d finish that one for y’all but when I sat down at the piano this chord progression came out.

The next morning I sat down and once I started working on it, I had to see it through. This song was the result.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I go through phases where I don’t really feel like myself - I feel lost. I won’t respond to messages or want to go out with anyone and will make an effort to keep to myself. I always find that it’s when I’m disappointed in myself.

Disappointed for not reaching my goals, doing something I know I shouldn’t be doing or settling.

This song is about being honest and up front with yourself about those troubles and, more importantly, overcoming them.

You are an incredible being, capable of so many things. We ALL fall to temptation, we ALL mess up - that’s part of being human. I’ve got some good news for you though, you are capable of overcoming your mistakes with the help of God and your family & friends and making a *choice* to be better moving foreword.

I hope this song resonates with you. Let me know what you think! Wishing you a fantastic and blessed weekend ahead!

Sending love always,



Sometimes I feel so far away

I miss a step, I fall from grace

One sip bleeds to the rest of the vine

A chalice forsaken, once divine

I fall to my knees and I close my eyes

Try to feel some peace, but in the night

I make a deal with the devil and every time

I get left behind

My soul’s lost control, realign me

I planted my seed on a rocky ground

And I sent up a prayer that it’d grow

Then I packed up my bags & left that town

Before I’d ever know

I like the thrill of the moment

And I find a lot of pleasure in the risk

But it always plays you like a bad investment

And the worst part is you know it

This cage is a stage built by me

So I’ll take this chance to make it all right

And I’ll choose to grow even through the night

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