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  • Julianna Sweeney

New Music | "Eileen"

2022 | New Song No. 5

When I started writing this song, I didn’t really know what I was writing about. I liked the little guitar part. I also had some words I was using as place holders. Eventually I decided I really liked, so I kept them. That became the first verse.

The meaning started to evolve and hit me as something deeper than initially intended. Then I sat on it for a while - it was one of those songs where I felt like the first part was so perfectly contextualized, anything else I wrote just didn’t even come close to matching it (anyone else experience that?)

Anyway, I made myself sit down and finish it, no distractions, and I gotta say, it’s a tragic story. It’s not based on anyone I know or any real situation in particular - just a story that formed through a tapestry of various observations, emotions, and the like.

Sending love always,



Cherry chapstick in the pocket of her yellow raincoat

Married money but she never got to see the gold

(at the end of the rainbow)

Storybooks didn’t depict what happens when you pick the wrong mr. Right

Now she sips her tea at night wondering what it must be like

To be a dragonfly

Predictable, a platonic, typical Tuesday awaits

And her last name-sake’s late, making it eight days straight

Back in the old days, never made straight A’s

But she had the biggest dreams I’d ever seen

She believed she could be anything, Eileen

Swore she’d never change

Until temptation came

Real love is all about compromise

But what she don’t realize

Is that it’s gotta flow both ways

She thought that living in luxury’d

Be the same as living free

Now she’s tied down, wishing she could change

When she jumped the gun

Swore he was the one

Said he was so nice

And refused advice

They didn’t talk about kids

Or what she wanted

Just got some fancy rings

Tied the knot that spring

And that brings us back to the closing theme

A raincoat won’t do you any good in a hurricane

But take note, you don’t have to make the same mistake

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