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  • Julianna Sweeney

16 Totally FREE Ways That You Can Support Indie Music Artists Today

Did You Know: It takes exactly zero (yes, zero) dollars to show support for the careers of the musicians in your life.

Here's a list of 16 Totally FREE ways you can support music artists today:

1. Stream their music

We live in a digital age where you don't have to pay for physical copies or digital downloads of albums or singles anymore. Every stream is a few cents in the artist's pocket and a few positive points on the streaming platform algorithms.

2. Follow/pre-save their music on Spotify, Apple Music and/or other streaming platforms

It only takes a few seconds to do this but it supports their algorithm scores (which helps them reach a wider audience) and will automatically alert you when the artist/band releases a new single or album.

3. Follow them on social media

Only takes a second to click follow. This gives the artist/band a tiny social support boost and even more importantly, shows that you are interested in what they're working on.

4. Like, Comment on, Save and share their social media posts

All it takes is a few clicks and you will not only help their social algorithm scores but outwardly show your support and get their name out to other people who may be interested in their work.

5. Share their music with other people you know who you think would be interested

My first guess is that you know quite a few people. My second guess is that you haven't shared your friends' music with even a fraction of those people. It doesn't take a lot but it goes a LONG way. You might know someone who could turn out to be their biggest fan, or someone who needed to hear a message that they wrote about in one of their songs. You'll never know until you share it with them.

6. Sign up for their email list to keep up with their latest news and forward their emails to friends/family who you think would be interested

We all love to feel supported. There's nothing quite like the support of an engaged email list. It's more intimate than social media and most of the time, artists will share sneak peaks, first-looks and other exclusive content with their list because they know they really care if they're on it. If you're already on your music friend's list, share one of their emails with someone else you think might be interested!

7. Go to their gigs

Even more special than an engaged email list? An engaged audience. Go out and support your friends at their shows - and bring a friend. Your presence means the world!

8. Tell the venue/restaurant/cafe/bar/etc. where you saw them perform how much you enjoyed seeing them play there

By letting the venue know how much you loved the live music, it will make it easier for the artist/band to book more shows there again in the future.

9. Help them collect tips

Sometimes people feel awkward about getting up while someone is singing to go put a tip in the tip jar. If you're at a live show for a friend, consider walking the tip jar around while they're performing - it goes a long way to be friendly! You can also hand out cards or stickers to help your friend gain more exposure.

10. Host a house show

Sometimes it can be hard for artists to secure gigs. Consider hosting a house show and inviting your friends and family over for a fun afternoon of live music and good company!

11. Refer them students (if they teach music lessons)

A lot of musicians make a good chunk of their money teaching lessons. If you know of anyone who is interested in taking lessons, consider referring them to your friend.

12. Recommend them to play at office parties, weddings, parties and other events

If you are having a discussion with anyone looking for live music, throw in your friend's name! You never know what might happen.

13. Add their music to playlists

Adding their music to playlists helps artists to get more exposure on streaming platforms and that means potentially more streams and opportunities!

14. Use their music in Tik Tok videos and reels

Tik Toks and reels are HUGE right now. Music is being shared at insane rates so adding your friend's music to these types of videos has the potential to offer a ton of exposure for them.

15. Post about a show or new release of their's or write a review of their music

Go to one of your friend's shows? Listen to their new release? Post about it! Share your thoughts and spread the news.

16. Take Photos and/or videos at their gigs and send to the artist/post to socials

Most artists don't have a photographer/videographer on standby so it's always super nice to receive photos and videos of gigs to use for promotional purposes! And artists love reposting and interacting with fans who post about their shows on socials.


Musicians put a LOT of heart, blood, sweat and tears into their craft. It doesn't take a lot to show your support for the artists in your life.

Money helps... it definitely does... but it's not the only way to show you care about their work. Heck, I bet you could do at least one thing on this list right now and it wouldn't even take you 3 minutes! I hope this helps you share your appreciation for an artist in your life.

Let me know what you think by dropping a comment below!

Sending love always,


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