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  • Julianna Sweeney

New Music | "Three Old Me's"

I've been thinking a lot about growth lately.

It's literally like we shed outdated versions of ourselves as we get older. Sometimes I'll get a memory from a long time ago and even though I can remember it clear as day, it can be hard to relate - that was another me, an old me. Each new season of life demands a new and improved version of us. We get to choose whether we adapt or succumb to the pressures of the hand we are dealt.

This song is about my relationship with myself through 3 versions of past "me's." I hope that you're able to relate to at least one aspect and remember to be a little bit easier on yourself.

Life is hard, and it's not gonna get any easier... but we can choose to be better and see life from a new perspective. It's a never ending cycle of growth and shedding.

I have a feeling this song will evolve just the same.

Sending love always,



I used to know a girl in elementary school

Wore her hair in pigtails, played by the golden rule

She didn't have no enemies and her life revolved around dreaming up big things

And she loved to sing

Oh, I wish we still kept in touch somehow

I used to have lots of trouble with a girl back in junior high

She had me home in tears just 'bout every other night

Insecurities overthinking me, I didn't know girls could be so fucking mean

But she taught me a lot of things

And I hope she's doing well wherever she is now

I finally made a true friend by the end of my high school career

She taught me how to love and we still keep in touch all these years

We've been through a lot but refuse to give into the gloom

You see, this girl's still got a lot of growing to do

(Yes I do)

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