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  • Julianna Sweeney

How To Manage Living Through A Season Of Waiting

Do you ever feel stuck?

Like no matter what you do or how hard you try, you don't get anywhere? All the jobs you interview for reject you, you're stuck between places to call home, you're doing everything that you can to get to that next level but something's just not giving. You start feeling like you're not doing something right, like there's gotta be more you could be doing.

Well, let me start off by saying, you're not alone.

Believe it or not, feeling stuck is a natural part of our journey through life. Not only is it natural, but it's good - it means we're growing! As with any struggle, it can be difficult to see the greater purpose for it in the moment. This is something that I've personally been struggling with for the last few months (I won't go into too much detail as I'm holding off on announcing certain wins until after I'm fully out of this season. I do want to share some breakthroughs, though, that I've had that will hopefully help you through your own waiting season)...

How To Manage Living Through A Season Of Waiting

1. Keep The Faith

Understand and internalize that you are in a season and just as the name suggests, "it too shall pass." Sometimes it takes longer than others... unbelievably longer... unbearably longer. It doesn't matter. It's not permanent. Keep the faith because it just means that God is preparing a better opportunity for you. Maybe you didn't get that job you wanted that paid really well, or the one that paid sh*t but you really would've loved, but then you're presented with an unexpected opportunity for a position that you'll love and get paid amazing money for - you just weren't ready to receive it at the stage you were at before. Keep the faith, because it will help fuel your momentum and remind you of all of the good plans that God has for you.

2. Dream Big

You have unlimited potential. Really. Like, if you really wanted, you could be a millionaire, or start a company that could change the world, or raise a family of 6 - whatever sparks you! God gave us aspirations and talents - develop them and use them to dream up the life that you want. Maybe you're in a season of waiting because you haven't been dreaming as big as you could be or striving for the unbelievable greatness that you are capable of. It takes the same amount of energy to think Tesla or Range Rover as it does to think Prius (think about that). You attract what you focus on, so use this time to dream bigger - attract bigger! God has great plans for you, but you've got to want what he has in store.

3. Practice Gratitude

The super power to living an abundant life. It can be so difficult to see everything that you've got to be grateful for when you feel like nothing is going right or "according to plan" - your plan. But remember, we attract what we focus on. If you can't find things to be grateful for in your current situation, how can you possibly expect find things to be grateful for in any other situation. Think I'm full of it? Think your situation is so terrible? Here are a few questions to ask yourself now:

  • Did you wake up today in a bed, safe? - be grateful

  • Do you have food to eat today? - be grateful

  • Do you have clean water to drink today? - be grateful

  • Do you have family/friend(s) that care about you? - be grateful

  • Are you healthy? - be grateful

  • Are you wearing clothes? Shoes? - be grateful

  • Are you reading this on a little device of pure digital magic with capabilities beyond our comprehension? - be grateful

Get the gist of it? Look around you. You are alive, you are amazing, you are capable of unbelievable things and you are blessed beyond belief. Be grateful of everything you have and not only will you start to feel more fulfilled but you will continue to find and attract more and more blessings into your life.

4. Acknowledge Your Feelings & Move On

It's okay to feel angry, upset, sad, frustrated, pissed off, etc. etc. Feel it, embrace it, cry your eyes out, scream into a pillow, punch the air but once your done, move on. Acknowledge how you're feeling. Let it out, but don't dwell on it. Don't put the negative emotions away (that will come back to haunt you later on), but also don't waste more energy on them than they need. You attract more of what you focus on. Acknowledge your feelings & then move on.

5. Don't Stop

Keep building that momentum, you're gonna break through! This one really ties into keeping the faith. You've got what it takes but you can't stop. Once you stop working hard at your goals, you give up everything you've worked toward already. Once you stop dreaming big, you cut off your connection to your greatest potential. Once you stop believing, you settle for any situation that may come your way - doesn't matter what it might be.

6. Be Open To All Opportunities

Dream big and build out your goals but don't get hung up on the way they will come to fruition. Sometimes God has different ways of manifesting your greatness. Be open to all of the ways in which you might be presented with the opportunities to level up to the next step on your way to achieving your goals - not just the ways you might expect.

7. Build Up Those Around You

When you help those around you and encourage them to level up, you pour love and positivity into the universe. This, in turn, helps you to develop even further into the person you are capable of becoming. You learn more, you appreciate more and you open yourself up to more opportunities. You never know who could be in need of something that you can help with - maybe it's even got to do with your talents, something that you might take for granted.

As I'm rounding the corner into the next season of my life, I have found that these truths have helped me to make the most of my waiting. That's not to say that I have been perfect in practicing them - I most certainly have not - but I can say without a doubt that I will be returning to this entry for guidance whenever my next season of waiting comes along.

I hope that these little nuggets help you through your season of waiting as well. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! You got this!

Sending love always,


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