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About The Album

Exit Fo[u]r is all about observing, experiencing, overcoming and growing.

It is the culmination of immense preparation and thought.

I decided on the title, Exit Fo[u]r, because it's both the exit off the highway in New York that lead me to college as well as the exit in New Jersey that brought me home.  I feel as though there is something to be said about a journey that begins and ends symbolically in the same fashion.  The bracket around the “u” gives the title a second meaning in that sometimes you need to take the exit just for you.  It's not always an easy thing to do, but it is vital to the cultivation and growth of our character...


A Little Bit About Me

My name is Julianna and I'm a singer/songwriter from NJ. I'm a Portuguese, Irish, and Italian-American. I LOVE cooking new recipes, taking spontaneous trips to explore nature and different cultures, and am on a constant search for the world’s best cappuccino. 

My mission is to give back through my work.

A few months before I graduated high school, my mom, Mindy, passed away to metastatic breast cancer. Mindy dedicated her life to serving others and she is the inspiration and driving force behind my mission to give back. 

My debut album, “Exit Fo[u]r,” was recently released on my mom’s birthday, 1.27.2021. Proceeds from physical copies and merch, as well as the first week of royalties from streams, are being donated to childhood cancer research, a cause that was very close to my mom’s heart.