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  • Julianna Sweeney

The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

It's officially the time to start planning our wedding. On a good day I am queen of the checklists...

So you already know that there was no way I was gonna start planning a wedding without creating one, all-encompassing, "Big Kahuna" of checklists!

For any bride/groom-to-be out there feeling overwhelmed or anxious about not knowing where to even start to wrap your head around planning your big day(s) - I gotchu!

When I first sat down to start planning, I was extremely anxious. Even though Tyler and I had been through a few ideas, a lot of plans were already changing, everyone was on top of us asking questions and it's not exactly like you're given a list of what to do as soon as you're engaged... at least, not until now ;)

In the link below, I included instructions on how to make your own copy of the google sheet to personalize and use for your own plans! This checklist is broken down by category, but I'm also gonna be including a more timeline friendly breakdown this week as well. I really hope this helps to ease the tension you're feeling and help you to stay ahead of the game!

Best of luck to you. Happy planning!

Sending love always,


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