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  • Julianna Sweeney

My (Ideal) Morning Routine

Whether you're a night owl or an early bird, having a morning routine is important.

In my experience, the morning sets the mood for the day. If I didn't at least attempt to do what was in my power to have a great morning, then I'm typically slightly disappointed in myself the rest of the day.

Full disclosure: I used to be a total night owl. I would stay up 'til God knows when doing God knows what and then sleep in past God knows when, wasting half the day away. It wasn't until college that I really started to shift my mindset. I've grown to really love mornings and my (ideal) routine...

My (Ideal) Morning Routine:

  • 5am - wake up

  • 5:00-5:15 - make my bed, brush my teeth, skin and hair routine, get dressed

  • 5:15-5:30 - put on coffee, stretch and meditate

  • 5:30-5:45 - devotional and gratitude

  • 5:45-6:00 - drink a full glass of water, pour myself some coffee, learn Portuguese

  • 6:00-6:30 - read (whatever self-development book I have at the time)

  • 6:30-6:45 - go over my to-do list for the day (that I wrote night before), make any changes/updates necessary

  • 6:45-7:00 - check email, check website analytics, check social media

  • 7:00-7:45 - go for a walk with Layla (my dog) if it's nice out, If it's not then do some chores/tidy up a bit around the house | either way, while listening to a podcast

  • 7:45-8:00 - check text messages, put on some makeup (if necessary that day), breathe before work

  • 8:00 - start the work day

3 Tips For Building Out Your (Ideal) Morning Routine:

  1. Start with outlining your personal goals - what do you want to accomplish short-term/long-term. You are building out a habit

  2. Based on your goals and how much time you've got before the start of your work day, pick a time to wake up. The key is to choose something you can be consistent with

  3. Make sure to mix responsibility with pleasure - you want this to be a routine that you are *excited* about. Yes, habit building is hard, but you should feel fulfilled

Life happens, circumstances change and you're not always going to be able to follow your routine to a "T." Having one in place, however, has helped me drastically in achieving my personal goals, improving my relationships with myself, those around me and my professional life, as well as setting me up for a great day!

I hope this helps! Let me know what you think and as always, feel free to join the conversation over on Instagram!

Sending love always,


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