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My Daily Wellness Must-Haves

It's no surprise to anyone that we're up against a lot in the perpetual battle for our health - chemicals in products, processed foods, seed oils, air and water pollutants, constant exposure to EMFs, and all of the stresses that come with life in the midst of an upside down world.

Our bodies are incredible but they can only do so much without us pitching in to help.

When I started getting serious about my health journey a few years back, one of the main things that was drilled into my head was "it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle." Lifestyles are made up of consistent habits so I started putting together a daily wellness routine - this would ensure that I did everything in my power to allow my body to work at its peak capacity. It's been through a few variations since then, but I'm really happy about this routine. I've never felt better, physically, on a day-to-day!

I've put together my routine and must-haves below. Everyone's situation is different but I hope that this will at least give you a starting point and offer some resources you might find helpful to either starting or refining your wellness journey!

My Daily Wellness Routine:


  • Intermittent fasting (from 7 the night before until about noon-1pm)

  • stretch for 5-10 minutes while meditating

  • morning skincare routine (will write another post about that)

  • 1-2 cups of freshly brewed coffee, black

  • 1 minute devotional

  • 5 minute review of my goals and journaling anything else on my mind

  • 5 minutes of prayer and gratitude

  • 5 minutes to learn something (right now I'm learning a language)

  • Drink 2 cups of water (hydrate!)


  • read for about 20 minutes (I typically try to read 1-2 chapters a day depending on how long they are)

  • workout (10-20 minutes just about every day) while listening to a podcast

  • take my vitamins

  • Make sure I get in my greens and collagen (this varies)

  • take 30mins-1 hour to work on music


  • Take the dog for a walk (typically about a mile) while talking to someone I love on the phone


  • shower and stretch

  • nighttime skincare routine (will write another post about that)

  • bedtime tea

  • bedtime prayers and gratitude

My Daily Wellness Must-Haves:

  • Coffee - my family has always gotten "Chock Full o Nuts" and it's become my favorite at-home coffee

  • Devotional - I've been through a few but my favorite so far has been "You Got This" by Melissa Horvath

  • Journal - I got this journal (pictured below) at Target and it's probably my favorite that I've had in a while. It's the perfect size, college-ruled and feels really nice. They've got it in a few different styles

  • Language Learning - I know a lot of people love Duo Lingo, but they didn't have the language I'm learning so I went with MemRise. To be honest, I love it! I really feel like I'm getting it the way the app is set up

  • Water Bottle - I've been through a few. Right now I'm using a Swell (it's the only one I've had that fits in the car cup holder haha!) but it doesn't hold a ton of water. I've seen a lot of people who have had great success with these big ones (pictured below) to start out their hydration habits

  • Hyper Hydration - My all time favorite electrolyte booster is Hit Reset. It's so easy and great for on the go, just put a tablet in your water bottle! I use this when I'm traveling to make sure I stay hydrated

  • Multi Vitamins - I've switched over to Nutrilite Double X and will never go back. They're so jam packed with nutrients and they don't have any unnecessary fillers (this was huge for me)

  • Greens - Nutrilite Organics Green Superfood Powder are the best! They taste great alone in water or blended with almost anything (smoothies, salad dressings, pesto, etc.) When I go a day without it I can tell

  • Collagen - BPN collagen protein is hands down my all-time favorite collagen supplement and protein powder. It's literally just collagen from grass-fed cows and a hint of himilayan pink salt. It is fine and incorporates into just about everything and it has zero flavor. Helps my hair, skin, joints and nails while ensuring I get my daily fill of extra protein

I hope this helps! Let me know what you think. Talk soon!

Sending love always,


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