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  • Julianna Sweeney

How To Travel Like A Pro (Pack Light & Never Miss Another Flight!)

I will be the first to admit that packing to travel for me used to be "fit-as-much-crap-any-and-everywhere-I-possibly-can-because-I-never-know-if-I-might-need-it-one-night-we're-away."

I'd stuff my carry-ons and always need to check a bag. I was convinced that I would probably need this or that sometime along the way and it would be the end of the world if I didn't have it. That couldn't have proven to be more wrong, and honestly added more stress trying to manage it all.

With all of the traveling that I've had to do by myself so far this year, I wanted to make sure that I made the process as streamlined as possible for myself. Much to my surprise, not only did it help with the airport process but on the actual trips too!

Here's How To Travel Like A Pro:

1. Pack Light

  • When I say light, I mean, try to travel with only a carryon if you can swing it. Trust me, it makes the entire process more enjoyable. You won't need to wait to get your bags after a long flight when all you want to do is get to wherever you're headed. You also won't risk the airport losing your luggage which is a huge headache in and of itself.

  • I always pack more underwear and socks than I know I will need, but in terms of everything else, I only pack a few pairs of pants/shorts and a couple of shirts and outerwear - depending on where I'm headed. If the place you're staying has a washer and dryer, you really don't need that much (a concept that took me way too long to grasp lol). Also keep in mind that - as long as you don't have a special event where you need to where something in particular - if you don't have something, you won't wear it... and you more often then now won't miss it either.

  • Less Options = Less worrying what you should wear. It also means you're responsible for keeping track of less stuff which, at least in my experience, has minimized my stress in terms of worrying about forgetting anything.

2. Be Intentional With What You Wear And How You Pack

  • When you're traveling by air, you're gonna have to go through TSA. They're gonna make you take off hats, shoes and jackets/sweatshirts. Something that's helped me is choosing my outfit based on this routine. Wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off. If you've got a sweatshirt or jacket for the plane, try to keep it in your arms or around your waste until after security. If you don't need a hat, don't where one. AND MAKE SURE YOUR WATER BOTTLE DOES NOT HAVE LIQUID IN IT - Trust me, you do not want to make that mistake, they'll make you throw it out no matter how expensive it was.

  • They're also most likely going to ask you to remove all electronic devices larger that your phone. I always pack my laptop right on top for easy access.

  • Lastly, if you're gonna need something on the flight itself, pack it with your personal item. I typically pack melatonin in my purse to help me fall asleep on the flight. You can get things out of your carryon during the flight but it's uncomfortable and I personally choose not to.

3. Get To The Airport Early

  • I'll be honest - I probably get there too early, but that's just personally how I like it. I try to get there 2 hours before a domestic and 3 hours before an international flight. I'm getting over my fear of flying (if you are too, check out this post!) and being in the environment before the actual flight helps me relax. I also never want to be in a situation where I am late for a flight or have to worry about rushing through security.

I hope these tips help you on all your adventures and wish you nothing but safe travels this summer and beyond!

Sending love always,


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