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Father's Day Gift Guides

Father's Day is next week already! (It's absolutely bonkers to think that the year is just about half way over already!) It's the time of year where we shift our focus to celebrating our fathers and/or father figures and hear the Home Depot theme song on every radio station, TV station and viral Tik Tok video.

I've put together this little guide to help you come up with some ideas on what to get the special men in your life on their special day. Hope these help!

Omaha Steaks

What better way to celebrate Father's Day than with a delicious, thick, juicy steak delivered right to dad's door? Right now, they're running a bunch of great deals and it's not just steaks - they've got pork, surf and turf, you name it. PLUS, depending on the deal you select, they'll include an entire meal with sides and everything! Such a cool idea. (**I do not earn commission from this**)

5.11 Tactical - Apparel & Gear

If your dad is anything like mine, he likes to be prepared for any and every occasion. 5.11 Tactical allows your dad to do that in style with great quality products at very affordable prices. Right now, they're also offering 10% off your first order and a free hat with any purchase of a button-up or polo. (**I do not earn commission from this**)


Here are a few things I found on Amazon that would just be a perfect gift for any father figure in your life this Dad's Day:

Non Tangible Gift Ideas

For anyone who's not big into getting physical gifts, here are a few ideas to show the dads in your life how much you care...

  • Make him breakfast in bed

  • Go to a concert or a show together

  • Go on a weekend trip (hiking, camping, fishing, sports, etc.)

  • Day trip to someplace he's never been/really wants to go

  • Get a personalized song written for him

  • Treat him to a massage (yeah, guys love this too)

  • Go to a brewery and taste some new beer

  • Get a family photography session

  • Get a landscape service to cut the grass and make the yard look nice

  • Pay for a babysitter for a night out

  • Fill up his car with gas (LOL... but seriously)

  • Take out the photo books and take a trip down memory lane

  • Pull out the markers and make him a handmade card

  • A subscription to a monthly service (jerky, socks, meat, shaving supplies, clothes, etc.)

Whatever it is you decide to do for the special fathers in your life, make sure that you tell them how much you love and appreciate them. Make sure they feel all the love! Wishing you and your loved ones a fantastic Father's Day!

Sending love always,


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