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  • Julianna Sweeney

Electric Bikes | Are They Worth It?

It's been about a month now since Tyler and I have been in San Diego.

Tyler's got a little 20 minute commute to work and even though we're only about a mile from my new job, we're located at the top of a pretty darn big hill. We knew we were going to have to invest in some kind of secondary transportation - we just didn't know what...

We weren't really feeling the whole two car thing at this point in our lives between the overall cost (price of the car, inspections, registration - did you know it was over $650 to register 1 singular car in Cali?!! CRAZY), the responsibility and the gas prices. It just hasn't been a necessity yet. Then we started to realize that seemingly everyone and their mother in the area we're at has bikes - electric bikes! It just kinda seemed like a no brainer. The roads are friendly for bikers, there are bike lanes and everything is within biking distance.

The initial investment is definitely there - I mean, we spent a little bit over $1,000 on each bike - but we got them on sale and the money that they've been saving us, even in just one short month already, is totally worth the investment. We ended up going with Rad power bikes with a recommendation from my dad. He got an electric bike for riding around town back in Jersey and loves it.

The best thing now is that Tyler will get home from work on Friday, park his car in the lot and not have to take it out again until he leaves for work on Monday because we can go everywhere with the bikes.

Now I understand that this scenario doesn't work for everyone depending on where you live, but I really do recommend doing your research and seeing if it's a viable option for you! With the crates on the back, we can also run errands on the bikes no problem. Overall it's been a great experience.

I hope this helps shed a little bit of light on the subject and possibly spark an interest in researching it all a little more.

Sending love always,


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