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Easter Weekend Recap

What a crazy weekend...

I still get whiplash just thinking about it, but what a blessing it was. I knew when Tyler and I started planning it out back in February that it was going to be one for the books, but now that it's officially under our belt, it is worthy of nothing less than its own journal entry in the blog.

Here we go!

Good Friday (04.15.22)

6:00am - wake up, shower, read, coffee, pack up the car

7:30am - pick up Tyler from the airport

8:00am - drive up to NY to spend Good Friday and Holy Saturday with Tyler's family

12:00pm - get to Tyler's parent's house, take a nap

2:30pm - catch up with Tyler's family

5:00pm - eat dinner

5:45pm - go for a walk

7:00pm - get ready for bed, lights out

Tyler was wiped since he had work Thursday and then took the red eye and didn't get much sleep. This was also his first time back home since we left for Cali back in January. (See our Cross Country Trip for more details). Overall it was a good day, but definitely a lot of rest to prep for the next few days.

Holy Saturday (04.16.22)

5:30am - Tyler went for a run with his brother (I slept in hehe)

6:30am - I woke up and showered, got ready for the day before the boys got home

7:15am - went to breakfast with Tyler's family

8:30am - got home and took a nap

9:30am - went on a walk, read

10:30am - went to help Tyler's brother move into his new apartment

12:00pm - ran some errands and started prepping for Easter dinner pt. 1

1:30pm - got back to the house, cleaned up a bit, gave Tyler a haircut, got ready for dinner

2:30pm - final prep before dinner

3:00pm - Tyler's grandparents came over for Easter dinner pt. 1

7:00pm - prep for Easter Vigil

7:30pm - head over to the church, get situated and prepped on what to expect

8:00pm - Easter Vigil mass

10:00pm - head next door to the school for a post-service celebration

10:30pm - head back to Tyler's parent's house, get ready for bed

11:00pm - lights out

Saturday was such a blast - it was so nice to spend time with Tyler's family, the food was great and the service was absolutely stunning. It was also a huge deal because Tyler officially became Catholic at the Easter Vigil. He'd been working at it for a few years now and it was a big step in his faith journey - thank you to everyone who knew for your support thus far and please keep him in your prayers moving forward! It was a long day for sure, but definitely one of the biggest blessings in our journey together so far.

Easter Sunday (04.17.22)

8:00am - wake up, shower, pack up, spend some time with Tyler's family before we leave

10:00am - head out, stop at Stewart's for coffee and a breakfast Sammy for the road

1:30pm - get to my nana's for Easter dinner pt. 2, spend time with my dad's side of family

4:30pm - leave my nana's and head to my uncle's house with Tyler, Nolan and Sara

5:00pm - get to my uncle's house and have Easter dinner pt. 3 and dessert

5:30pm - karaoke, dancing, spending time with my mom's side of the family, go for a walk

10:30pm - shower, get ready for bed, game plan for the morning, say goodnight/goodbye

11:00pm - lights out

Sunday was another absolute blessing. It was definitely a long day with all the traveling and by the end of the night we were drained, but it was totally worth it to see everyone and celebrate the resurrection by enjoying every ounce of the day!

Monday (04.18.22)

4:00am - wake up, get ready for the day, make sure everything is packed

5:00am - order Lyft and head to the airport

5:30am - go through security, get to our gate, get some coffee and relax

7:30am - flight back to Cali (a little bumpy, neither of us got much sleep)

11:30am (PST) - arrive in Cali, take the tram to get to the car, head home

12:30pm - get home, unpack, shower, nap

3:30pm - clean up a little bit, call parents, get dressed and ready to go out

5:00pm - grab a bite to eat (sushi - yum!)

6:00pm - head over to San Jose and find parking for the event

7:00pm - watch Jordan B. Peterson lecture and Q&A

10:00pm - head back home

10:30pm - get ready for bed, lights out

Monday was probably the most difficult day as it came at the tail end of the weekend, but again, it was just so fulfilling. We accomplished so much, learned a lot and seeing Jordan Peterson work his magic live was one of the most incredible experiences either of us had ever seen.

Tuesday it was back to work bright and early! All in all, this weekend was one to remember for sure. We're not entirely sold on doing it again anytime soon, but the experience was worth it. Tyler and I both learned a lot and will forever cherish the memories that we made together as well as with our loved ones.

Some Advice for anyone who's ambitious enough to travel around the world in 78 hours (LOL):

  • Check out my post on Natural Energy Boosting Tips & Must-Haves (I honestly don't think we would have been able to enjoy the trip as much as we did if we hadn't followed those tips/took our supplements)

  • Make sure that you're staying hydrated

  • Take care of yourself and make your health a priority (tomorrow's post will be all about Tips For Staying Healthy While Traveling)

  • Keep a positive mindset and go with the flow - not everything is going to go according to plan, that's life! But keeping a positive outlook on whatever comes your way is key to having an enjoyable experience

  • If part of your travel includes flying and you're not too fond of it, check out my post on Tips For Nervous Flyers (I still use these tactics every time I fly)

Thanks for following us on our journey. More to come soon!

Sending love always,


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