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A Weekend With Our First Visitors Recap

This past weekend we had our very first visitors - Tyler's parents!

It was so nice to see some familiar faces. They helped us out a lot in terms of unpacking and getting settled and we got the chance to show them around (and do a little bit of exploring ourselves). We also scoped out some great restaurants, saw some dolphins and spent a decent amount of time walking the beach.

Moving is rough, for sure. Things have been messy and disorderly and I'd be lying if I said there was zero stress having people over before everything had a place - we were definitely a bit on edge. I personally learned something really valuable though. It's something that I've been told before and "knew" but never really "got" until now and that's that it's okay to ask for and/or accept help. There's gonna come a time where you really just can't do it all and still maintain a high standard - that's okay. Tyler and I are beyond thankful for all of the help and support that we've received so far and try to keep that at the forefront of our minds daily.

We're still at the very beginning of our San Diego season, but here are a few things we've discovered so far...

Places To Eat:

Beaches To Go To:

  • Tide Beach (aka Table Tops), Solana Beach

  • Swami's Beach, Encinitas

  • Cardiff Beach Park, Cardiff By The Sea

Bike Paths/Hiking Trails:

  • Annie's Canyon Trail

  • Harbaugh Seaside Trail

  • Gemma Parks Interpretive Trail

  • Coastal Rail Trail

We're already looking forward to having some more family and friends over and seeing all of the things that our new home has to offer. Until then, back to work!

Sending love always,


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