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7 Natural Energy Boosting Tips & Must-Haves

As an avid coffee drinker (and coffee lover), I have always been very protective of my morning ritual: make my bed, brush my teeth, get dressed, be greeted by the intoxicating aroma of fresh coffee brewing (automatically set from the night before) and finally arrive in the kitchen to pour myself a nice big cup of liquid gold.

By lunch time, I'd typically have gone through about 2-3 cups (4 if it was a particularly stressful morning). I would ride those jitters for as far out as they would carry me - but the wave always crashed sometime in the mid-afternoon. Then came the dilemma: I need more energy to finish my work for the day and/or to go to that event tonight, but if I have one more cup of coffee this late, I'll be met with the dreaded heart pounding caffeine-anxiety and probably pull an all nighter (which would not bode well for me the next day). More often then not, I would choose the latter and let me tell you... mistakes were made.

It wasn't I started doing some research into where, what and how energy works in our bodies that I realized there was a better way. ***Full Disclosure, I still drink a cup of coffee every morning and treat myself to an espresso every now and then. I just minimized the amount I was drinking and switched over to different alternatives to better maximize my energy***

7 Natural Energy Boosting Tips & Must-Haves

1. Increase your intake of Vitamin B6 and B12 foods

  • Did you know that one of the biggest natural catalysts to boosting your energy can be found in vitamins B6 and B12? Neither did I at first! One of the simplest ways to increase your energy throughout the day is by incorporating more foods that contain these vitamins into your routine. Some of the most notable vitamin B6 and B12 rich foods include: beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, duck, eggs, fish, shellfish, and yoghurt.

2. Make sure you are exercising

  • When you work out (even something as simple as walking), you are making your body circulate oxygen and giving your cells more energy to burn. This helps your body to run more smoothly and efficiently which in turn will help you to maintain your energy for less basic functions. It also increases your dopamine levels in your brain which helps to elevate your mood and helps you to sleep better, giving you a better reset for the following day.

3. Restrict your sleep

  • This one might sound counter-intuitive but identifying and restricting the amount of time that you actually need to sleep can help reduce the amount of time you're actually in bed. This process will in turn make it easier to fall asleep and promote a longer period of more restful sleep. Here's how you can implement it: avoid napping, determine what time you are going to wake up each morning and what time you need to go to sleep to maintain a healthy sleeping period (between 5-7 hours), then stick to the sleep schedule and put away any and all distractions that will impede your ability to go to sleep quickly and deeply (see 11 Tips For A Great Night Sleep for more information)

4. Drink more water

  • It sounds so simple but it is paramount. If your body's fluid levels are low, one of the first signs is feeling fatigue.

5. Use Caffeine to your advantage

  • This tip ties into the experience I was explaining above. Often times we think that we need more and more of something to multiply its effectiveness - that's not always the case. In order to reap the benefits of caffeine, you've got to use it judiciously (1-2 cups of coffee for example, that's it). It does increase your alertness and help to sharpen your mind, but to much and too late in the day, can leave you with anxiety and insomnia.

6. Minimize carbs, increase fat

  • Carbohydrates can give you short bursts of energy but that energy does not last and will leave you feeling burned out and hungry more often. Fat, contrary to the anti-fat craze of the 1990s and early 2000s, is our bodies' natural source of energy! Saturated fats found in meats, coconut and olive oil, avocados, and more natural foods increase your sustainable energy. Vitamin B12 is used by almost every cell in the body to convert fat and protein into energy. When you consume carbs and sugar, you are giving quick bursts of energy to your body. Whatever is not used is then either turned into fat or must be processed by your liver (depending on its chemical makeup). When you consume fat, you are streamlining the process and allowing for your body to more efficiently maximize its energy reserves.

7. Use Natural Supplements and energy boosting products (Must-Haves)

Here are some of the natural supplements and products that my family and I have come to find to be the most effective in our lives:

  • XS Energy Drinks - My brother used to always drink Red Bull and monster (which wreak havoc on your body). These drinks are natural and their main source of energy is mega doses of B-vitamins (B vitamins are water-soluble, meaning that you cannot overdose on b vitamins). He has since switched over to this brand and feels more energy that lasts longer without the crash of the other drinks.

  • Ultra Focus + Energy Supplement Pack - These supplements have helped me to maintain my focus and stamina on projects and work throughout the day. I've been paying attention better, internalizing more information and my mind has been drifting a heck of a lot less (it's actually pretty crazy). I finish my work at a higher quality and I still have time (and energy) to focus on my friends and family after my work day. They're also super conveniently packaged.

  • Vitamin B Dual-Action Supplement - This one is great because it supports up to 8 hours of energy support with delayed release vitamin B types. It is also made with natural spirulina, which provides a broad spectrum of naturally occurring nutrients, is gentle on the stomach, and also contributes to energy-yielding metabolism.

  • CURED Rise Supplement - Before I switched over to the Ultra Focus + Energy Supplement Pack, I was using this. It has very similar functions and results and utilizes the natural effects of CBD and functional mushrooms for their added health benefits (Not for children).

I hope this information helps you reach your peak energy and live with the enthusiasm that your life deserves! Check out some of the related posts below for more helpful information and feel free to let me know what you think in the comments!

Sending love always,




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