O N E  S T O P  T O U R  C O N C E R T

The One-Stop-Tour Concert is my headlining concert held in the Phillipsburg High School state of the art Auditorium. It encompasses opening acts as well as guest appearances by various artists and students throughout the setlist. It originated as my high school senior music project and is now in it's third year. Everything is student run and I aim to include the High School students as much as possible in order for them to learn what it is like to run a concert in the "real world". Through the process, they learn about live sound, lighting, and being a part of stage crew, as well as other aspects of live performance. It's important to me to spread awareness of the music industry as a viable career choice with a plethora of specialized fields and not simply a distant dream. It is also incredibly valuable to be exposed to experience opportunities at a younger age. The majority of the concert is original material, however, we do perform covers as well. We donate the proceeds to various causes, as giving back to the community is so important. Music is our passion and we are so excited to share it with you. See you there!

[unfortunately due to COVID-19 the 2020 Concert has been cancelled]

  - Julianna Sweeney

Friday May, 17

Special Thanks:  Mr. Thomas DiGiovanni /  the lighting class /  the sounds crew /  the volunteers / the bake sale donators / The Taylor Family / Kevin Cockerline / All of the kids out there fighting cancer and their families / Josh Morris /  Zane Agnew /  D. Ted Nelson /  Tyler Schmidt /  Nolan Sweeney / Sara Sweeney / the clean up crew / Jackson Grundt / Christina Ferucci /  Ben Weise/  Richard Daley /   Skyler Fortgang /  my friends /  my family /  my teachers / this community /  The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) / everyone who donated to the cause / Everyone who came out to support


Proceeds and Donations to aid with medical costs for families with kids at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)

over $950 raised

Friday June, 1

Special Thanks:  Samira Bailey/  Abe Frey/  Clive Martin/  Nick Santos/  Sam Walczyk/ Dan Carr/  Joe Taurone/  Nolan Sweeney/  Skylar Patricia/  Michaela Madaio/  Katelyn Venezia/  Jaime Rodriguez/  Erica Wentworth/  Chris Dominguez/  Hannah Burd/  Jacob Carlson/  Abigail Cook/  Cydney Creekmur/  Anton DeGerolamo/  Michael Drakeford/ Claudia Fernandez/  Victor Hermes/  Ethan Imboden/  Julia Iorio/  Ian Leaser/  Jaxon Leifer/  Ralph Malavarca/  Deone Martinez/  Jazon McGriff/  Cydnee Penrose/  Ton Pham/ Herbert Quirmolue/  Karen Ramirez/  Kaitlyn Simon/  Dante Switzer/  Mathew Weger/ Bryan Wood/  Ronan Smarth/  Mr. D/  Everyone who came to support


Proceeds and Donations to make care packages for US Marines Unit:

Golf Company, 2nd Battalion, 25th Marines, 4th Marine Division

over $900 raised

Friday May, 24

Special Thanks: Kayla Avitabile/ Jake Trincheria/ Thomas DiGiovanni/ Kellen Pisani/ Jackson Grundt/ Nolan Sweeney/ Sean Pisani/ Kayla Kowalski/ Chrissy Anselmo/ Matt Kowalczyk/ Ashley Rajan/ Jaime Hernandez/ Reanna King/ Abby Fontana/ Emma Haberl/ Megan Haberl/ The Perrone Family/ Mr. D/ Mr. Fleming/ everyone who came out to support


Proceeds and Donations to Collin Strong Fund to help cover hospital costs:


over $500 raised

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